Christmas is certainly an exciting time of year! Everyone is busy with different events, parties and Church’s are presenting programs. The Birth of Jesus is The event of the year and one that changed history. Think about it, all were waiting for the coming of the promised Messiah, not a word from a prophet for about 400 years and then it happens, a strange, un 0rdinary string of events. A Star, shepherds, wise men, a teenage girl pregnant, but not by any man, a King disturbed and everyone talking of this baby who was to be a King. What is God saying?

  1. Look at the Birth of Jesus and see my heart, the very heart of God and my love for mankind.
  2.  This love is for every human being, I exclude no one.
  3. Redemption is my reasoning for the birth of my Son. all are born under the law and cannot pay their own debt so I’m providing.
  4. I’m letting you know how serious I am about the relationship I desire to have with each of you.
  5. Will you invite all you know to Worship me.

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