Greetings, In the name of Jesus! Recently I’ve meditated on the Psalms, and I come to Psalm 32, one of the penitential Psalms. This Psalm deals with Sin, Confession, and Forgiveness. There are a few observations I want to share.

  1. Don’t be stubborn or rebellious or hard-hearted when it comes to Sin. When we do, we never win! Keep that in mind and heart.
  2. David gives us the end results of coming clean in the first two verses.
  3. Sin effects you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  4.  Sin is directly toward the Holiness of God.
  5. Never put off confession, not for one second!
  6. You never progress Spiritually with sin in your life, and you rob yourself of God’s wonderful blessings.

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